What is CLEAR's breakthrough discovery in stopping dandruff?

What is CLEAR's breakthrough discovery in stopping dandruff?

Until now the technology in the anti-dandruff category has focused on the removal of malassezia on the surface, to eliminate the cause of dandruff.

But clinical research shows the cause of dandruff goes beyond malassezia. In fact, clinical data shows that malassezia are prevalent on the scalps of dandruff sufferers and non-dandruff sufferers.

Armed with this knowledge Unilever’s team of scalp experts have made a breakthrough that can revolutionize the treatment of recurring dandruff.

‘Based on our clinical learning we know that solving dandruff is not just about eliminating malassezia – the scalp barrier has an important role to play in scalp health. Based on this we developed a new hypothesis - that if you strengthen your barrier you can increase scalp’s natural protection against dandruff returning’

In fact, what clinical testing has proved is that a restored barrier improves scalp’s ongoing health:

  1. It reduces trans-epidermal water loss
  2. It significantly reduces dryness

But more than this it acts as a protective layer to actively prevent dandruff returning for longer*

 *The regression phase in the clinical test.